Staying Connected to Teens

The start of menstruation is a major event in a girl’s life. Some girls greet those first drops of blood with joy or relief, while others feel confused and scared. Whatever the reaction, the arrival of the first period holds the same meaning for every girl: It’s proof that she’s becoming a woman.

Shining Star integrates Mentoring, reproductive health and menstrual hygiene management and scholarships to enable marginalized girls in Kenya to complete their educational journey and become productive members of the society who can then pay it forward. We have saved Hundreds of School days for more than 4,000 at-risk adolescence girls.

Humanitarian Response

As a dual mandate organization, Shining Star Centre is committed to providing the most vulnerable children and their families with urgent, integrated assistance in the event of an emergency. In a humanitarian response, we aim at meeting the needs of 20% of a disaster-affected population and 25% of disaster-affected children, while helping to build communities’ resilience to future shocks.

Keeping Girls Safe from Harm

We have been providing support to girls through developmental and humanitarian relief programmes delivered both directly and through local partners. Currently we’re focusing on Health, Nutrition and WASH, Girls Protection, Rights governance, Education and Poverty.

Receive Donations

Education is a human right, enshrined in law. It is also enshrined in The Constitution of Kenya (2010). It is also how we equip our girls and boys with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the world. Education is fundamental for human, social and economic development and a key element to achieving lasting peace and sustainable development.

Meeting Our girl's Needs


Needy girls Impacted by Our Programme.

  • Sanitary towels.
  • Educational Scholarship.
  • Humanitarian Response.
  • Educational Program.