Helping Disabled in Kenya

Responding to the disabled, Kenya


Disabled people with extraordinary talents succeed and contribute to the world economy every day. Imagine the world of science without Stephen Hawking.  For This reason, We therefore  must not forget that some of the most successful people the world has ever seen were physically disabled. Usually, people don’t have a supportive and encouraging attitude towards them. They treat them as if they were useless. They make them feel as if they are unfortunate, helpless, and incapable people who cannot do anything worthwhile and substantive in life. The truth is disabled people are not less than any normal human being. They can accomplish anything and much more than normal people.

This is why Kariuki could not hide his joy after receiving a wheelchair chair from Shining Star. He lives in Kitale with his family. He was involved in a road accident which left him unable to walk due to spinal injury. The family has been facing financial challenges acquiring a wheel to make his mobility manageable until Shining step in to support.

We give support to improve the quality of life for people with mobility disabilities through the provision of locally repairable, custom-fitted wheelchairs and rehabilitation.

People with disabilities remain a marginalized population in many developing countries. Disability issues are not a priority for government funding in most African countries. People with disabilities tend to be poorer, less educated, and have fewer employment opportunities; those in rural areas are especially impacted with little or no access to services. The few disability centers and clinics that do exist are underfunded and lack the appropriate resources to properly serve those in need.

While distribution wheelchairs to the disabled, partners play a key role in the journey of support our objective, it all begins with friends like you. Your generosity, prayers, and support are opening doors to a brighter future for people living with disabilities in Kenya and around the world.

Thank you for making a difference.


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